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Silicone Adult Dolls Sex Dolls – Kathy 125cm

$1,199.00 $1,079.10

Product Description

Totally safe

With the way things currently stand, having sexual sex with your partner is very risk considering the many sexual transmitted disease that are coming up; another reason why you need to consider buying realistic sex dolls. Not only are they safe, but they can also give you real pleasure just like you would with your partner. Moreover, with silicone adult dolls, you can forget about those expenses you have to gather for your partner.

Affordable and readily available

For an industry that has seen different types and designs being created and made available, you will never miss a doll that you like. They are available and come with some of the best prices.

  • Height : 4ft 1in (125cm)
  • Weight : 44lbs (20kg)
  • Bust : 26.37in (67cm)
  • Waistline : 20.86in (53cm)
  • Hips : 28.74in (73cm)
  • Mouth : 4.7’in (12cm) deep
  • Material : Soft TPE
  • Mouth : 4.7’in (12cm) deep
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Wig can be changed at any time
  • Hair color customizable
  • Eye color customizable



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